Social Tree with article title - social media templates in 2017
Social Media Cover Photo Templates For 2017

Up to date social media cover photos. Setting your business apart with a great looking cover photo helps establish your brand identity and is often going to make a first impression on any new visitors to your social media pages. Unfortunately, cover photo sizes, placements, and other design challenges vary for every website out there. […]

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Improving Your Business Representation – Part II

How do you represent your business? TIt’s time to conclude our tips on representative marketing. Here are a few more methods to make your business stand out as it’s own entity and be consistent with your message to customers. Your Employees When customers go to one of your locations, how do the employees there act? […]

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How to improve your business representation
Improving Your Business Representation – Part 1

Representation For Your Business. That’s right, we are talking about representative marketing again. Last time we gave you a basic overview about what that actually is. This time, we’re gonna go over a few channels and how to begin improve representation for your business or brand. Let’s just jump right in! Printing When someone asks […]

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Wtf is representative marketing
WTF is Representative Marketing!?!

Representative marketing. Wtf is that? I’ve been asked this lately – so I’m going to try and make it simple to understand. To easily begin to grasp representative marketing, let’s go through a quick little process: I want you to think of a business in your neighborhood, choose any old place. What is your perception […]

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Implementing Tone of Voice Guides
Implementing a Tone of Voice Guide and Oversight

Now that you have figured out your tone, how do you follow through with it?. If you are a creative professional or run a small service by yourself – then you may feel like you are already finished, having just gone over things in your head or jotted down a few notes about it. However, […]

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Expressing Your Business
Tone of Voice Part III – Expressing Your Business

You have an idea of what you want to say, now you need to define how you want to say it. Compare and contrast the nature of your business with your customer personas. Will they appreciate more formal, or more down to earth style of communication? What styles are you and your employees comfortable writing […]

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Facebook Headquarters with article title - Boost Posts No Longer Irrelevant?
Facebook Boosts No Longer Irrelevant

For quite some time marketers have advised against using the “Boost Post” option on Facebook. The biggest issue was the lack of options from the boost post dialogue menu for customizing the ad set and targeting. In recent updates there have been a number of changes that have increased this options usefulness. Lets take a […]

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An Introduction to Tone of Voice - Attract Image
An Introduction to Tone of Voice

How does your business interact with it’s customer base and treat it’s audience? Is this something you gave any thought to? One of the trappings of many new businesses is a lack of direction for their visual branding and their voice. You read that correctly – “Voice”. Specifically “Tone of Voice” If you aren’t familiar […]

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